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The Rebalancing Deep Tissue Massage Course is a professional certification training that will fully qualify you to practice and earn after completion.
Graduates will be awarded with the Rebalancing deep tissue massage practitioner certificate. There are no prerequisites to enter the program.

The Training comprises of  home study of theoretical material and practical training on site with additional home study and assignments. The trainings practical modules are a hands on practical and theoretical professional training covering the Treatments from the Rebalancing Therapy system. and the learning of additional therapeutic skills.

Rebalancing is aimed at the recreational wellness Market.

95% of the wellness market comprises of healthy people seeking stress management relief from muscular and psychosomatic pain and tension posture correction and holistic health management.

Under the regulatory system in most countries including South Africa  you will be considered a Non Statutory Discipline practitioner, you will be able to practice in this capacity following your scope of practice as taught in your training.

Rebalancing Training practical module
The training is divided into 2 levels, Professional level 1 and Advanced level 2
All participants will be required to complete Level 1. The option to carry on with level 2 is up to each participant.
Level 1 will be conducted in 4 weekend modules Friday to Sunday once a month over 4 month with home study and assignments. This part of the training will transmit knowledge of the 4 core treatments of the rebalancing method, and will qualify graduates to practice professionally after completion .this training will deliver the latest methods in the art and science of REBALANCING therapy. 

Through detailed demonstrations and group practice, the REBALANCING treatments will be learned covering the lower & upper back, legs and feet, neck and head. Alongside the precise movements, there is emphasis on detailed anatomical understanding of each area worked on. You will learn to perceive the possible emotional or mental cause of tension and posture through body reading. Counselling methods to encourage the release thorough understanding, awareness and expression will be taught. Emphasis is given on learning the art of being present, and “ how do I stay relaxed?” The training is open to beginners and professionals alike.

Training Subjects: Theory of massage, Client Care, Business skills, Anatomy, Emotional Anatomy, Esalen Massage, Polarisation and Energy, Deep Tissue Work, Liquid Body Work, Joint Release, Body Reading, Presence and Meditation.

Stage 1
Candidates that enrol to the training will receive theoretical material for home correspondence study before the start of the practical modules. Students will study theory of massage, anatomy physiology, client care and management, ethics and professionalism, at their own time at home . 
Stage 2
Start of the practical modules. 
Stage 3 
The completion of 10 case studies at home submission and certification.   

The Osho School for creative touch is a registered school with the International therapy examination council England.  The teaching methods are of the highest standard available in South Africa, and incorporate detailed theoretical classes, and guided hands on tuition.
The Trainings are not only a technical transmission of learning material, but a journey of self discovery through the medium of touch creativity and presence.