Rebalancing Deep Tissue Massage Training

Teaching European standards in SA. Day workshops and full training for beginners and pros.

The Course is a professional training, Rebalancing Course will qualify you to practice & earn after completion.

Graduates will be awarded with the Rebalancing deep tissue massage practitioner certificate. There are no prerequisites to enter the program, the training is open to beginners and experienced students .

Rebalancing utilizes a combination of sensitive deep tissue massage, joint release, energy balancing, as well as coaching and counseling to release tensions and enhance and maintain well being and physical mental heath .

The effects of REBALANCING are long lasting and a complete series of sessions will alter the way one feels and relates to oneself.

deep tissue massage training
Professional Deep tissue massage course
Professional massage diploma

Guided by Prasado

Completed his training in 1981, a certified teacher and a gentle and accomplished guide. He founded the OSHO School For Creative Touch in Hamburg, Germany, in 1990. In 1998, he relocated and  introduced Rebalancing therapy to South Africa .

“ My approach to touch combines science mindfulness and art, which I truly enjoy sharing “

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