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Discover the Magic of Rebalancing Massage as Your Path to Personal Growth or a Dream job : Master the Art of Touch and Recharge Your Body, Mind, and Spirit. Whether You’re Seeking Self-Improvement or a New Skill, This is Your Ideal Chance to Shine.

by Prasado Dan:

Prasado Dan, is Your Expert Coach for the Rebalancing Training Program. He is a Certified Teacher and Skilled Guide, who completed his training in 1981. In 1990, he founded the OSHO School for Creative Touch in Hamburg, Germany, and later introduced Rebalancing Therapy to South Africa after relocating there in 1998. With over 40 years of teaching and practicing Rebalancing, he is a Highly Effective Teacher who Transmits Essential Knowledge with Ease and Precision, enabling you to Feel Confident right from the Start.

“ My approach to touch combines science mindfulness and art, which I truly enjoy sharing “

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