About Us

The Osho School for creative touch is a registered school with the International Therapy Examination Council England. The teaching methods are of the highest standard available in South Africa, and incorporate detailed theoretical classes, and guided hands on tuition. The Trainings are not only a technical transmission of learning material, but a journey of self discovery through the medium of touch creativity and presence.

Your Trainer: Prasado D. Munch

Rebalancing Teacher and practitioner for over 40 years, he founded the OSHO School For Creative Touch in 1990 in Hamburg, Germany where hundreds of students were trained in the art and science of Rebalancing therapy. He brought Rebalancing therapy to South Africa in 1998 where graduates are now practicing in many locations in Southern Africa and abroad. Born in Israel, he completed his first training in 1981 in Jerusalem and is a certified ITEC Teacher; he underwent extensive training with the founders of Rebalancing in Europe and India, and is a gentle and accomplished teacher. Prasado is the main course trainer.

“For me touch is a science an art and a reconnection with the heart, I would like to pass that on to you”